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SSFA President Amin, Arsenal FC’s Deng discuss football development

The President of the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), Francis Amin Michael has held talks with the consulting coach of Arsenal FC Academy in London.

Amin met Teng Deng at the SSFA headquarters in a brief meeting on Monday morning.

The meeting discussed ways on how the Arsenal Academy will help South Sudan football among the kids and also plans on how to develop all areas of sports in South Sudan.

“We are always happy to meet different partners who at the end of the day will help football develop in South Sudan,” said Amin.

The President assured his counterpart and made it clear SSFA is ready to welcome and receive any goodwill partners from around the world.

Amin made it clear that South Sudan still has a long way to go in football development and having strategic partnerships is another way of developing football in the country.