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Work continues at Juba National Stadium amid Coronavirus fear

Construction work at the Juba National Stadium has continued amid the on-going the Coronavirus (COVID -19) fear.

Francis Amin Micheal, President of the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) said construction is still on-going and the work is progressing well.

“Work is still on-going, but of course not normally because of the Coronavirus fear. But we are confident the construction company doing the work will do good work and this stadium will help South Sudan in football development,” added Amin.

Last week the SSFA President together with businessman Tanfiz Poul from freedom group toured the Stadium to see the on-going work. Amin also promised that improvement of other stadiums around the country like Wau Stadium will continue. The Juba National Stadium is being reconstructed with funds from FIFA.

Meanwhile, SSFA has also made it clear that the handover of the Buluk ground will delay because the Coronavirus has affected travel of the Engineer from Turkey and supplies from China and Italy.

Early this year SSFA and South Sudan Athletics Federation (SSAF) signed an MoU to upgrade the Buluk playground to a modern facility.