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FIFA scheme financial relief plan for MAs

The world Football body FIFA has made it clear that it is scheming a financial relief plan for all it’s 211 member associations including the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA).

“A financial relief plan “to benefit all of football” is entering the final phase of preparation with the objective of being presented in the upcoming FIFA Council meeting,” FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated on Saturday.

The development comes after several football activities have been affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Infantino again reiterated the need to put health first as football gradually looks to restart across the world around the COVID-19 pandemic. He highlighted the great efforts made by FIFA and the football community to protect the well being of all participants.

The FIFA President also recognised that a route back to the stadiums for spectators will also need to be managed because football is not the same without fans, but this should be made in a safe and responsible way that also follows guidelines and instructions of governments and health authorities.

FIFA made it clear that it will organise a series of online discussions with all member associations and other stakeholders in order to debate and assess proposals that might contribute “to shape a better football for the future”.