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SSFA Briefs Bright Star on FIFA’s New Policy

South Sudan National Team (Bright Star) convened at SSFA head office this afternoon to be briefed on FIFA’s policy of zero withdrawal. The new policy entails Associations to pay all the players of their National Teams through their bank accounts, hence requiring all the players to have bank accounts.

Mr. Anthony John Lauro, the Secretary General for South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) said the intention of opening bank accounts for the players of the National Teams is to fulfill FIFA’s policy of zero withdrawal of money.

He told the team that they will receive their payment in their bank accounts, assuring them that the Association will ensure their bank accounts are open as soon as possible.

Mr. Anthony also urged the team to carry out individual trainings to be fit and ready for any match against them, advising them to maintain social distancing in order to be safe from the deadly COVID-19.