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Football Facing Challenges Due to COVID-19

SSFA today convenes a phone conference with the Presidents of States’ Local Football Associations to hear their concerns following the cancellation of sports activities in the country due to COVID-19 outbreak.

The conference discusses challenges facing the Local Associations included; Idleness of youths, which may lead to vice practices, and unfitness due to lack of trainings and ways to address the challenges.

Mr. Francis Amin says the conference was very fruitful and they have registered many challenges facing the Local Federations due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the National Association is going to work tirelessly to address some of the challenges hindering their activities. Answering, some of the concerns from the Local Federations regarding the FIFA COVID-19 solidarity fund, Mr. Amin said FIFA initially promised to donate COVID-19 fund, but till now SSFA has not receive the fund aforementioned. Though, he assured the Local Federations to tolerantly wait and as soon as SSFA receives the fund, they will be briefed.

Mr. Phillip Katai, the President of Yambio Football Federation, says football activities are on standstill leaving youth to involve in vice practices due to idleness. Mr. Phillip says due to luck of protective gears, he advises the clubs not to carryout trainings to curb the spread of the deadly Novel COVID-19, urging the SSFA to forward their complains to South Sudan chairperson for COVID-19 Tasks Force on COVID-19.