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CAF Suggests New Mode of Funds Transfer for SSFA

The President of South Sudan Football Association, Mr. Francis Amin Michael today held a meeting through a phone conference with SSFA’s Board of Directors to brief them of previous meeting with the Presidents of Local Football Federations and also Confederation of African Football (CAF’s) directives regarding transfer of funds to SSFA.

CAF advised some countries including South Sudan, that it cannot transfer fund to the Association’s account directly mainly due to the imposed sanctions. However, CAF suggested that in order to avoid such problems in the current transfers and the future, SSFA should open a bank account in Egypt, where they can put SSFA directly with any bank in Egypt to facilitate the process of opening the account, saying that it will facilitate the transfer for federation,  referees and match officials for South Sudan.

Consequently, the board agrees to the directives of CAF and assures to take a step and recommend a bank in Egypt for the account.