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CES Governor Says Sport is a Tool for Peace Restoration

The governor of Central Equatoria State, Hon. Emmanuel Adil says sport is the only way forward to build coexistence amongst youths of South Sudan. Hon. Emmanuel was speaking at Juba Stadium during his visit to inspect the construction work of Juba Stadium and Buluk Playground yesterday; he was accompanied by Dr. Albino Bol, Minister for Youths and Sport.

Mr. Francis Amin welcomed the visit and urges the governor to allocate lands for local football clubs in Juba for their playing grounds, saying that lack of enough space to construct more arenas is the greatest challenge that sports fraternity is facing. He also said that lack of building materials in the country hindered progress of construction since most of the materials are imported from neighboring countries, however, the materials have arrived and the work is on progress. Governor Adil promised to work handy with South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) in developing sport especially football in the country. He said sport is the only way to revive peace and unity amongst youths, promising to do anything within his capacity to enhance development of sport in the state. “Sports’ infrastructure is a key and having a very beautiful infrastructure like Juba Stadium and Buluk Playground, is a key in enhancing and promoting sports activities by creating conducive environment for young men and women to exercise their talents. For us to go forward in South Sudan, we need to embark on building the young people through providing hope and one of the hopes is sport. According to 2008 population census, young people constitute 70% of South Sudan’s population therefore, as the government, we have to strategically focus on rebuilding this young population and sport is one way of rebuilding them.” “This is a wonderful work done by SSFA, the quest to promote sports in the country is our priority and we are going to work together with SSFA to achieve it. My door is always open don’t hesitate to knock in case of any help needed, sports is the only way to restore peace and unity among our youths,” he said. Meanwhile, Dr. Albino Bol disclosed that the National Olympic Stadium project is already out, saying sports is a vital tool in changing the mindsets of the people from conflicts to peace. “The National Olympic Stadium project is out and I am also coordinating with Hon. Governor to help us finding a suitable piece of land where we can construct more stadia to our people. It is when we practice sports that we can change the mindsets of our people and change the narrative and culture of war into peace.”