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SSFA President Discusses Future Plans for Sport in Rumbek

The President of South Sudan Football Association, Mr. Francis Amin visited Rumbek to discuss progress and future plans for football in the country.
Radio Good News in Rumbek hosted the president of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), Mr. Francis Amin and Ater Denag, the president of Rumbek Local Football Federation this morning. The President talked of the construction work of Juba Stadium and Buluk Playground. He urges sports lovers to help and joint hands towards sports’ development in the state.
Mr. Amin vows to ensure accountability in the SSFA, saying that SSFA will ensure that equal opportunity is rendered to all players including training of referees and coaches. The President also talked of the construction and renovation of Wau Stadium to be commenced after the completion of Juba Stadium with Malakal Stadium in the plan.
He called on the Chairperson of women’s football Association in Rumbek to start working so that they can get more fund from FIFA, urging them to create women’s leagues in Rumbek. He assures the local federation of the commencement of sport activities as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic stops, but stressed on the need for stability in Rumbek.