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Three Days FIFA’s Online Refereeing Course Concludes in Juba

The three days FIFA’s Online Refereeing Course for 35 referees concluded yesterday in Juba.
Speaking during the closing session, South Sudan Football Association’s President (SSFA), Mr. Francis Amin applauded the participants for their commitment to improve refereeing in South Sudan despite many challenges.
He said the course is very crucial for referees, citing that he anticipates improvement within South Sudan’s referees afterwards. Mr. Amin stated that SSFA has put into its plan to include the budget for all referees from Local Football Associations and assures them to be receiving their pay directly from SSFA to avoid misunderstanding.
Amin said his leadership understands that the referees are also training young referees at the grassroots levels, encouraging them to utilize the knowledge they have gained to benefit their successors, and urged them to start with individual trainings especially in the area of fitness so as to improve the level of refereeing. He also advised the referees to work hard and improve their performance to the level of CAF such that they would be able to represent the country.
Mr. Sistilio Juba, the Match Commissioner congratulated the participants, acknowledging the FIFA’s Online Refereeing Course as a huge step towards development of football in the country. He said refereeing is the foundation of football and a match cannot be called a match without referees. Juba also advised the participants to translate the knowledge they have attained into practice and help other upcoming referees in states to benefit.
Meanwhile, Atem Atem, Chairperson for Referees urged the participants to get used to technology and at least own a private computer to ease such trainings. He encourages the participants not to give up if they are called for another online course because of the challenges they have faced in this first one, saying that beginning of anything always faces challenges.