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SSFA, Wau Local Football Association to Rehabilitate Isaac Stadium

The President of SSFA, Mr. Francis Amin during a meeting with the Secretary for Wau Local Football Association, Mr. Pons Okello, (Photo: SSFA)

The President of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), Mr. Francis Amin, commended the effort exerted by the Local Football Association of Wau to develop sport, especially the development of sports facilities and work to stimulate the rehabilitation of Issac Stadium.
Mr. Francis says that he has discussed with the Secretary of Wau Local Football Federation how to support the idea of rehabilitating Isaac stadium, assuring that SSFA will also lobby for well-wishers to support the project.
Meanwhile, Pons Okelo, the Secretary of Wau Local Football Union, says that Mr. Amin briefed him on the FIFA COVID-19 Solidarity Fund and how to be used in order to develop football especially at the level of Local Football Associations. He disclosed that Wau Local Football Association is currently undertaking financial procedures as stated in the FIFA’s fund policy to receive their part of COVID-19 relief fund which is Ten Thousand United States Dollars from SSFA.