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Sport’s Ministry Says Juba Stadium Incident is Minor Caused by Human Error

Minister for Youth and Sport, Dr. Albino Bol and Mr. Francis Amin yesterday during a press statement. (Photo: SSFA)

The Ministry of Youth and Sports yesterday evening said that the Juba Football Stadium incident that took place Tuesday 6th of October was a minor accident, announcing resumption of the construction work.
The Investigation Committee on the incident this evening presented its final report wherein they came to a conclusion that the incident was caused as a result of overloading of the formwork support due to disturbance by impact of the nozzle; collision of shooter with formwork support, and mechanical fault of the pump Machine.
The report also reports that the incident was minor caused as a result of human error during a casting process going on in one of the slabs that resulted in the curving and eventually collapse of the particular slab. The four staff members who were directing the shooter pump of the concrete sustained no injuries and there was no reported incident of any shock by individual worker as a result of the incident – no worker was hospitalized.
The committee further recommended a number of actions for the Ministry consideration, which include: immediate resumption of the construction activities; the contractor to take maximum precautionary measures to avoid occurrences of such incidents in future; Ministry of Youth and Sports to have a Clark of work to be tasked with the supervision of this construction; and the contractor to use metal props instead of teak poles for the remaining part of the construction.
Dr. Albino Bol, urges the citizens to calm down, saying the Investigation Committee has confirmed that the Stadium is standard.
“I would like to assure the people of South Sudan about the standard and safety of the Stadium, and also appreciate their steadfast trust in the Ministry and the government at large. Special thank goes to FIFA for funding such a magnificent project and SSFA for their tremendous work. The Ministry would also like to appreciate the contractor for the marvelous work done so far.”
The Juba Football incident has attracted mixed reactions from the social media users with others questioning the standard and quality of materials used for the construction. The Vice President for Humanitarian, Gender, Youth and Social Welfare cluster, Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior inspected the scene and ordered the minister for youth and sport to form Investigation Committee to dig out the cause of the accident. Nyandeng however, also said that the incident was minor and something that shouldn’t cause alarm.