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SSFA Approves Fact-Finding Report from Abyei Local FA

The president of SSFA, Mr. Francis Amin together with SSFA’s Board of Directors during a meeting, |Photo| SSFA |

The President of South Sudan Football Association, Mr. Francis Amin today morning chaired the meeting of SSFA Board of Directors.
In attendance were the members of SSFA Board of Directors; Mr. Wiyual Lam, George Kosta, Abdurahamam Chol, Alul Daniel, Mccom Jok, Wabo Gasim, Ala Jabu, and Atem Joseph later joined the meeting. The meeting was also attented by SSFA Secretary General, Mr. Anthony John.
The Board heard the report in advance from the Fact-Finding Committee for the issue of Abyei local football Association. A review of the complaint filed by the President of the Abyei Football Association against the Supreme Appeals Committee in its decision to return ten clubs to their position after they had been stopped by the local union of Abyei and returned to the second class.
The meeting unanimously approved the outputs of the decisions of the Abyei Football Association’s Fact-Finding Committee to support the decision of the Supreme Appeals Committee to return the ten clubs to their first position.
Secondly, the Board of Directors directed him to necessitate establishment of the Electoral Assembly of Abyei Union.
Thirdly, the return of all the clubs that were suspended by the board of directors of the local federation in Abyei to their first place and eliminated because of the unlawfulness of the dress code according to which these clubs were suspended.
Fourthly, to restore the president of the Abyei Federation to his position and to suspend the decision to suspend him from practicing his activities by his board of directors, and directed him to work and organize the general assemblies of all clubs.
Fifthly, the vice-president and the secretary of the Abyei local union, should be brought back to their posts immediately.
Sixthly, the Federation’s Board of Directors called for the formation of a committee to organize clubs and their various boards of directors, and the Abyei Federation directed the necessity of establishing general associations for the clubs.
Seventhly, it has been certified to establish administrative courses for clubs in Abyei, which are arbitration, administration and training.