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SSFA Electoral Committee Schedules SSFA Elections Time

The Electoral Committee of South Sudan Football Association today in a Press Conference conducted at SSFA general Headquarters announces the beginning of application of presidential candidates for the upcoming elections.
The application process which will begin next Monday seventeenth of May, Shall be conducted by the current Secretary of South Sudan Football Association.
Speaking during the press conference, Attorney Arik Ring, Chairman of SSFA Election Committee, announced the scheduling of the election process.
While, Lawyer Bak Atian, the Chairman of the Appeal Committee, explained the stages of the electoral process, which will take two days in which members of the Board of Directors are elected and on the second day the president and the deputy will be elected.
Candidates will be given an additional 2-5 days to complete their application; the examination should take place within 10 days after final nomination; Opportunities for appeals and objections were also given which had to be submitted within seven days.