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SSFA Secretary General, Mr. Victor Lawrence today handing over the files for candidates to the Electoral Committee, | Photo | SSFA.

The Secretary General for SSFA, Mr. Victor Lawrence today officially handed over the candidacy application files for the position of Deputy President and Board of Directors to the Electoral Committee.
This came during a press conference between SSFA Secretary General and members of the Electoral Committee: Mr. Bak Athian, Chairperson for Election Appeal Committee and Mr. Abdallah Delesuk, Secretary of the Electoral Committee.

The files included candidacy application files for SSFA president from Lual Maluk Lual, Molana Peter Achuel, and Augustino Maduot, deputy president candidacy files for Mr. Makur Majok and Charles Udwar. The files also included nine candidacy files for members of Board of Directors.

According to the Electoral Committee, the timetables for electoral process will include integrity assessments which will be carried on from 20th to 30th June, and examination will be conducted in presence of the candidate in person, and based on the procedure, the committee will decide candidate’s eligibility for the position.

Speaking to the Journalists, Mr. Victor Lawrence called for correct dissemination of information to the public by Journalists regarding the ongoing procedures of the forthcoming general elections.
“The Electoral Committee is independent and it isn’t bias, FIFA will also send one or two of its observers to oversee the elections. I’m therefore calling on the Journalists to disseminate accurate information to curb rumors,” he urges.
On his part, Mr. Bak Athian, Chairperson for Election Appeal Committee clarified that the Election date is scheduled by the Electoral Committee and the Electoral date shall never be altered unless otherwise, adding that Appeals regarding candidacy shall be submitted after 30th June.
Meanwhile, Mr. Abdallah Delesuk, Secretary for Electoral Committee explains that the Electoral Committee is an independent body that doesn’t have any connection regarding so ever with the president of SSFA, saying that the only connection that it has is with the current Secretary General of SSFA.