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SSFA Secretariat Closes Submissions of Candidacy’s Applications

In accordance to the timetable of SSFA electoral process, the doors for submission of all candidacies’ positions in the upcoming SSFA General Election has been finally closed yesterday 30th, June 2021.

As the submission of candidacy was ongoing through SSFA Secretariat, the Electoral Committee was as well examining the candidates.
A total of six (6) submissions were received for the position of SSFA presidency, Five (5) for vice president, and fourteen (14) applications were received for the position of various members of Board of Director.

Accordingly, the committee will publish the initial list of candidates for all positions, which includes; the position of president, vice president, the rest of the board of directors, and members of the independent committees on Saturday, July 3rd 2021 – it will later call the media for a press conference to publicly announce the names of the contenders.