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SSFA Starts a Campaign for Vaccination of all Players & Staff against COVID-19

Mr. Francis Amin and the National Team U23 today at Juba Teaching Hospital after taking their first jab of COVID-19 Vaccine, | Photo | SSFA.

The South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), today in Juba starts a vaccination campaign for COVID-19 within football fraternity.

The campaign was led by Mr. Francis Amin, the president of SSFA who received his first dose together with South Sudan National Team U23 as an example to the sport’s fraternity.

In his statement to the media, Mr. Amin spoke of the significance of having the vaccine, saying that in order to avoid incidences like of recent where South Sudan Senior National Team was forfeit of FIFA Arab World Cup 2021 in Doha, all the players must be vaccinated.

He urges all players, and members of Local Football Association to take their vaccine, advising that it is of everyone’s importance to have COVID-19 Vaccine. He warns that SSFA will not include players without the Vaccination Certificate to participate in the National Team.

“Today marks our starting day for COVID-19 Vaccination within football fraternity of South Sudan – we are all aware of the deadly disease, but luckily enough we now have the vaccine. The vaccine is safe; I am therefore calling the football bodies countrywide especially the players to take the vaccine.”

The National Team U23 is expected to take part in the CECAFA U23 2021 Competition scheduled to commence next week in Ethiopia.