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SSFA Elects New Leaders at the 3rd General Elective Assembly

The New Elected President of South Sudan Football Association, Mr. Augustino Maduot (seated in the Middle) posing for a group photo, | photo | SSFA.

The Electoral Committee of South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) today after conducting a General Elective Assembly, declared Mr. Augustino Maduot the new president of SSFA.
Mr. Augustino acquired 20 votes out of 37 votes, while the second runner up, Mr. Laul Maluk got eleven (11) votes — Mr. Francis Amin, the out going president obtained four (4) votes and Mr. Shafiq Gordon got only two (2) votes, while Mr. Peter Achuel was knocked out after receiving no votes in the second round of the election.
Meanwhile, the post of Vice President was won by Mr. Charles Udwar with 21 Votes, Mr. Makur Majok got nine (9) votes, Mr. Venasio Amum earned four (4) votes, Mr. Abdulrahman Rajab got 3 votes.
The General Elective Assembly kicked off yesterday 21st July 2021 with the election of Board of Directors. After counting the ballot Votes the results were as follows:
Zone 1,
Names Association Votes
Albino Kuek Deng Kuajok LFA  35/37
Micheal Daniel Morgan Wau LFA 27/37
Joseph Lewis Abdallah Raja LFA 10/37
Mujahid Ali Mohammed Aweil LFA 34/37
Robert Zakaria Malook Rumbek LFA 34/37
Therefore, Michael Daniel Morgan is elected to represent Wau and Raja Local Football Associations in SSFA Board of Directors

Zone 2,
Names Association Votes
George Kosta Yambio Yambio LFA  35/37
Aburoman Okilek A. Torit LFA 36/37
John Ladu Aquilino    Juba LFA 22/37
Nicola Andrea Joseph Yei LFA 14/37
Therefore, John Ladu Aquilino is elected to represent Juba and Yei Local Football Associations in SSFA Board of Directors

Zone 3,
Names Association Votes
Thiong John Gowt Bor LFA  32/37
Dok Deng Bor Melut LFA 35/37
Abuel Gasim Allahjabu Bentiu LFA 35/37
Paulo Lam Amos Malakal LFA 15/37
Wiyual Lam Pouch Nasir LFA 22/37
Therefore, Wiyual Lam Pouch is elected to represent Malakal and Nasir Local Football Associations in SSFA Board of Directors

The representatives of FIFA and CAF were present to observe the SSFA 3rd General Elective Assembly. They verified the arrangements in place prepared by the Electoral Committee before the election of the SSFA Board of Directors and the executive. They have shown their satisfaction with the process made.


SSFA newly elected president, Mr. Augustino Maduot shaking hands with the predecessor, Mr. Francis Amin, | Photo | SSFA.