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Gov’t Encourages SSFA & Cross Cultures Create Unity amongst Youth through Sport

The Minister for Youth and Sports, Dr. Albino Bol, met today with representatives of the Danish Intercultural Organization (Cross Cultures), headed by Anders Levinsen – in presence was also the President of South Sudan Football Association, Mr. Augustino Madout.

The meeting discussed how the Government would strengthen partnership with Cross Cultures through SSFA towards promoting sport for children in South Sudan.

Dr. Albino, thanked the Managing Director of Cross Cultures for contributing their great efforts in promoting unity amongst youth through sport, promising to work closely with both SSFA and Cross Cultures to create a conducive environment for young people through football.

For his part, the President of South Sudan Football Association, Mr. Augustino Madout, stressed the continuation of partnership with the Social Intervention Organization towards spreading football at the level of local federation to promote peace and unity.

Mr. Augustino reiterated the readiness of SSFA under his leadership to work closely with the organization to develop youth, stressing the need to benefit from the expertise of the organization in rehabilitating coaches, administrators and supervisors at local federations – programs to develop youth capabilities in the country from gathering the largest number of young people through football, noting the importance of football in gathering young people and work to unite them through football.