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SSFA Board of Directors Held 2nd Ordinary Meeting

The President of SSFA Mr. Augustino Maduot and his Deputy Mr. Charles Udwar during SSFA Board of Directors 2nd Ordinary Meeting, Photo | SSFA.


The Board of Directors of South Sudan Football Association held its 2nd Ordinary meeting under the chairmanship Mr. Augustino Maduot Parek the President of South Sudan Football Association with attendance of 12/13 members of the Board of Directors.
The Meeting resolved and passe the following Resolutions:
1. Approved the previous minutes of the Board of Directors meeting dated 10th August 2021.
2. Approve the coopting of three Women to Board of Directors of SSFA representing Zone 1, 2 qnd 3:
i. Ms. Awor Deng Aguer – Zone 1
ii. Ms. Hawa Adam – Zone 2
iii. Ms. Anna Nyakuet Taker Zone 3

3. Confirmation of the Committees of Women, Referees and Coaches Leadership as follows:
Women Football Committee:
• Mrs. Nyakong Gai – Chairperson.
• Mrs. Suzan Bol – Deputy Chairperson.
Referees Committee:
• Mr. January Freezer – Chairperson.
• Mr. Mutwakil Taha – Deputy Chairperson.
Coaches Committee:
• Mr. James Garang – Chairperson.
• Mr. Philip Mauro – Deputy Chairperson

4. Appointed the Chairpersons and Deputies for the following Standing Committees:
i. Organizing Committee:
• Mr. Wiyual Lam – Chairperson.
• Mr. Robert Zachariah – Deputy Chairperson.
ii. Finance Committee:
• Mr. John Ladu – Chairperson.
• Mr. Mujahid Ali Mohammed – Deputy Chairperson.
iii. National Teams Committee:
• Mr. Michael Daniel Morjan – Chairperson.
• Mr. Dok Deng – Deputy Chairperson.
iv. Players Status Committee:
• Mr. Thiong John – Chairperson.
• Mrs. Hawa Adam – Deputy Chairperson.

v. Medical Committee:
• Mr. George Kosta – Chairperson.
• Mrs. Anna Nyakuet – Deputy Chairperson.

vi. Youth Football Committee:
• Mr. Abulegasim Allahjabu – Chairperson.
• Mr. Aburoman Okilek – Deputy Chairperson.

vii. Investment and Marketing Committee:
• Mr. Robert Zachariah – Chairperson.
• Mr. Albino Kuek – Deputy Chairperson

viii. Information and Public relation Committee:
• Mr. Albino Kuek – Chairperson.
• Miss. Awor Deng – Deputy Chairperson.

The Members of SSFA Board of Directors during their 2nd Ordinary Meeting, Photo | SSFA.