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SSFA, SSBF Agrees to Jointly Work towards Promoting Sport in the Country

The President of SSFA Mr. Augustino Maduot (Right) and SSBF President, Mr. Luol Deng. Photo | SSFA, 22nd, September 2021.

The President of South Sudan Basketball Federation (SSBF), Mr. Luol Deng this afternoon had a brief meeting with the President of SSFA, Mr. Augustino Maduot at SSFA Headquarters.

The meeting discussed various issues pertaining development of sports in the country regardless indifference of the two Federations.

Speaking shortly after the meeting, Mr. Luol expressed the need of cooperation to uplift themselves in order to achieve one common goal.

“When the national teams play in international competitions, they are all representing the nation – we are representing South Sudan and not basketball or football federations. I think that people know that talent is here in every sport, so having healthy relationships throughout all sports is very important. We don’t want other sport to feel left out,” he attested.

Mr. Augustino expressed his excitement to have received Mr. Luol Deng in his office. He expresses the willingness of SSFA through his Administration to support Basketball Federation or any other Federation working within the development of sport in the country whenever they needed it.

Many people believe that sportsis the only avenue that can restore unity amongst youth in South Sudan. It’s therefore very crucial to promote sports countrywide — what SSFA and SSBF is doing through their incredible initiatives to achieve one common goal to unite and harmonize youth in this nation is priceless.