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Bright Starlets’ Captain Earns Best Player of the Match Title

Bright Starlets’ forward, Chieng Riek in action, | Photo | SSFA, 2nd September 2021.

The Captain of South Sudan women’s Senior National Team, Amy Lasu has been awarded the title of most outstanding performance in the match between South Sudan and Zimbabwe today evening.

South Sudan’s Bright Starlets today played its second match of the group stages and lost 1-2, despite the lost, Bright Starlets have shown great improvements as compared to its first match against Botswana where it conceded seven goals to nothing. The team played defensively and shaped chances of scoring after the pressure became intense from its opponent, leaving it to concede a goal twelve minutes into the first half of the match – however, the girls managed to equalize after Chieng Riek scored in 77 minutes – this gave hope to the girls to at least register a point, but all their efforts was futile when Zimbabwe’s Nyaumwe scored Zimbabwe’s winning goal at 83 minutes.

Coach Shilene Booysen expressed happiness, saying she is proud of the team for stepping a step forward, adding that the team had many chances than their previous match against Botswana.

“I told my players that every game that we play will be a stepping move towards the direction that we want to be, and today is a step to see how we can change the result of Botswana, we had many chances than we didn’t in the game against Botswana, I think the girls should be proud of themselves because I’m. I’ve seen many teams coming into the competition and go back without scoring, so for us to score our first goal and take the best player of the match was amazing, I am overwhelmed by the girls,” Coach Shilene expressed.

The Bright Starlets will battle Tanzania in their last game on Monday; so far the team remains at the bottom of pool B.