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Coach Simon Says his Team is Ready for a Win Against Gambia Tomorrow

The Bright Star. Photo | SSFA.

Despite a 1: 1 draw with Sierra Leone and a 2-nil defeat from Morocco, interim coach Simon James Yor is confident that his boys will produce positive results in the last friendly match against Gambia tomorrow.

The coach cited that the previous matches against Sierra Leone and Morocco has given the team the confidence it needs to face any other team in Africa.

“Gambia is better than us according to FIFA World Ranking, they are ranked 149 and we’re at 165, but we’re going to fight them and we are targeting for nothing but a win, and that win will greatly help us,” Coach Simon expressed.

The coach also urged the fans to be more patient, as the team is in its early stages of development and their full support is needed.

The interim head Coach of Bright Star, Simon James Yor. Photo | SSFA.

“In order to build a strong and firm team in Africa, it takes patience and effort. So, I request the fans to continue supporting us in this. It’s not about winning every time, that is not the goal at the moment,” he urges.

Coach Simon James also expressed his confidence in the newly appointed head coach, Stefani Cusin, believing that the team is headed in the right direction.

Meanwhile, the Team’s Captain, Peter Maker said a lot of have been learned during the two matches against SierraLeone and Morocco, saying the two matches has prepared them physically and mentally to face Gambia tomorrow.

He noted that with the enthusiasm and team spirit they had today during training, they are ready to battle Gambia head to toe, calling on fans especially from the country to be patient and have love for the team.

The South Sudan National Team (Bright Star), played a wonderful match against Sierra Leone last week and managed a 1-1 draw, however, it lost 2-0 to the host’s (Morocco) on Saturday 9th October. The team will play Gambia today in its last friendly match of the FIFA Window Period.