South Sudan Football Association

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Today, Thursday 4th Nov 2021, marks 100 days in office for President Augustino Maduot together with his vice president, Mr. Charles Udwar.

Below are the key points addressed during the press briefing today:

1. Over this period, the president and his vice held a number of meetings not limited to SSFA staff, private stakeholders, government officials, and local FAs leadership. The meetings also include a meeting with CAF President, FIFA SG, The advisor of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, just to mention a few; meeting that has proven to be fruitful in terms of football federation within the country.

2. The appointment of Mr. Stefano Cusin as the head coach of the South Sudan Senior national team.

3. Activation of Memorandum of Understanding between SSFA/Moroccan Football Federation as well as between SSFA/Qatar Football Federation.

4. Inclusion of women in the board of directors committee, raising the number to 3 (three).

5. Institution of functioning committees, i.e. Marketing and Investment committee, National Team Committee, Information, and Communication Committee, etc.

6. Capacity building; training head of SSFA department on football management, Referees training, instructors training

Future prospective.

1. The president elaborated his plans to construct artificial turf for the 16 Local Football Association.

2. Juba National Stadium is scheduled for completion next year due to funding setbacks. FIFA has done its part, SSFA will do the remaining part.

3. Capacity building for sports journalists which is scheduled to begin any day soon. The training will be instructed by highly qualified instructors, hopefully from Morocco.

4. We will receive for the very first time a pilot project from FIFA, for women training, based on different aspects of football. This would be really beneficial to the women.

5. We’re knocking on every door, from government offices to investors with hopes for them to inject something that can push us to the next level. 

Based on school tournaments, the president is in talks with the ministry of education, together with the minister of Youth and Sports on the establishment of school competitions. This comes after the meeting with CAF PanAfrican Championship for schools Meeting yesterday. The associations also had an agreement with grassroots football through UEFA Foundation which will boost the plans already in line.

The president also addressed the issue happening in Bor Local Football Association whereby the president of the Local Fa was demoted without SSFA’s knowledge, a team was sent to investigate on the ground and the findings reveal that the Local FA’s leadership indulged in malpractices activities, therefore, leading to suspension of all football activities in Bor by the Mother Federation, SSFA. Even after suspension, Bor Local FA, still continues with its activities, risking elimination in the national competition.

He also touched on the problem in Malakal, citing that there is a possibility of resolving the problem as well as the issue related to the president of Yei Local FA saying the issue will be resolved by the disciplinary committee.


During the short period in office, the president together with his vice is not an exception to the many problems that face every association. Just to mention a few:

1. The issue of resources and funding has been a major setback to the fast development of football in the country. The association doesn’t have a lot of funding, especially from investors. Tristar has been the only private company that is sponsoring the national terms coaches. “if we can have 10 like Tristar, then we could be in a good position to tackle the problems we’re facing.” Said the president.

2. Late accomplishment of Juba National Stadium has forced us to play our home games away, which is really affecting the players in one way or the other.

3. Capacity building. Due to inadequate funds, it has been difficult to conduct training with referees, coaches, media, and other football bodies.

President Augustino Maduot has echoed the commitment of his administration to develop football in the country, president revealed his plans to achieve more in the coming days based on the memorandum of understanding signed. The president strongly believes that the strategic plan they have is achievable, measurable, and reliable.