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Gov’t Promises to Backup FIFA’s Initiative to Educate Girls on Personal Hygiene

Dr. Albino Bol (middle), Mr. Augustino Maduot (right) and Arijana Demirovic delivering statement shortly after a meeting at the Ministry’s promises.

The government of South Sudan through the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of General Education and Instruction showed a positive gesture to support FIFA’s project to educate girls about their personal hygiene.

This came up today when a delegation of women from FIFA together with SSFA held a fact-finding meeting with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of General Education and Instruction. The meeting aimed to identify some of the challenges affecting girls in their education and social activities such as sports.

Speaking in a statement shortly after the meeting, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Albino Bol welcomed the initiative and appreciated FIFA for standing with the people of South Sudan – he assures the delegation of the government’s collaboration to make the initiative a success. 

The Minister of General Education and Instructions, Awut Deng Acuil (in black dress and yellow top), FIFA Women Delegation and SSFA President and the Board of Directors during a group photo.

Meanwhile at the Ministry of General Education and Instruction, Hon. Minister, Awut Deng Acuil commended FIFA for initiating the initiative to address issues affecting girls to effectively study and take part in sports as well. She said the initiative is very important to girls across the nation and will greatly impact girls’ performance in schools and in social life activities like sports.

Meanwhile, the FIFA Women’s Football Development Manager, Arijana Demirovic, said the project will focus mainly on women’s football development and awareness campaigns on menstrual hygiene and how girls can be kept at schools and as well playing football.

The President of South Sudan Football Association, Mr. Augustino Maduot also expressed the readiness of SSFA under his leadership to assure that the project is implemented in order to benefit the girls.

As the country is undergoing recovery phase from the civil war, Mr. Augustino believes that an inclusive effort is needed to rebuild the country, hence contribution of everybody is crucial, adding that girls are the less privileged to enjoy social activities like sports – therefore, much effort is needed to create a conducive environment for them [girls] to actively participate in sports. 

The delegation’s visit is a reflection of the FIFA Secretary General, Madam Fatma Samoura’s mission in South Sudan to see that women’s actively partake in sports particularly football. The FIFA Women delegation is on a fact-finding mission in the country to identify challenges affecting girls both in their education and social life activities especially football – ahead of the FIFA’s project to conduct awareness and campaign on menstrual hygiene which will educate girls about their personal hygiene – as they participate in sports and as well to focus on education. The project is the first of its kind to be initiated by FIFA and South Sudan will be the first beneficiary to benefit from it.