The mandate of the Electoral Committee is to conduct the Elective General Assembly where the President, Deputy President, Members of Board of Directors of SSFA, Independent Committees are going to be elected through secret ballots.
The Electoral Committee oversees Elective General Assembly of the SSFA and Local Football Associations, and the process will continue up to the elections – the period may be extended by the General Assembly. The General Secretariat works to coordinate the process of the Elective General Assembly.

Important Information

The doors for submission of all candidacies’ positions in the upcoming SSFA General Election has been officially closed on 30th, June. As the submission of candidacy was ongoing through SSFA Secretariat, the Electoral Committee was as well examining the candidates.

The Electoral Committee of South Sudan Football Association in a Press Conference conducted at SSFA Headquarters announces the beginning of application of presidential candidates for the upcoming elections.
The application process will begin on Monday seventeenth of May 2021

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