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by Oliver Nimaya
  1. SSFA is a private organization of an associative nature, established in compliance with the legislation of Youth and Sports Law of South Sudan and registered in Juba. It is formed for an unlimited period
  2. . The headquarters of SSFA are located in (Nyakuron West plot No. 58b) Juba south Sudan.
  3. SSFA is a member of FIFA, CAF and CECAFA.
  4. The flag of SSFA is the national flag of the Republic of South Sudan.
  5. The emblem of SSFA is soccer ball as a symbol of peace and fraternity.
  6. The logo of SSFA is a shield with the colors of national flag comprising the emblem and the acronym (SSFA)
  7. The abbreviation of South Sudan Football Association is SSFA.
  8. The flag, emblem, logo and abbreviation are legally registered with the Ministry of Justice Republic of South Sudan.

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SSFA Rules and Regulations
  1. This regulation shall be called (South Sudan Football Association General Regulation for the year ( 2012 ) amended (2019) passes by the General Assembly South Sudan Football Association in accordance with its authorities as stipulated in Article (22)A of the association statues.
  2. This regulation shall be valid, whereas, it is not contradicting with the law and rules provided in accordance with its provisions and shall not contradict with the statues of 2012.

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About SSFA

The South Sudan Football Association (S.S.F.A.) is the governing body of Football in South Sudan. It was established in April 2011 and is an affiliate of CECAFA, CAF and FIFA.